Technical Specifications

Our Market Experts are entitled to a profile page on the Website, as well as a total of three full pages (e.g. an advert and two advertorial article pages) within the Guide Brochure/Mobile Device-Friendly App. The following are specifications for the media materials we will require you to provide.

Please see the template layout example below, showing how your profile page on the Guide website may look:

Tech Spec . (Profile Template)

 ** - Multiple material-choice areas.

Required File Formats: 

Materials must be sent either as .jpg (preferable) or .eps with a white or transparent background. Please supply a .jpg in a high resolution format.

As a large part of this product is web-based in origin, our designers work on personal computers (as opposed to Macintosh). With this in mind please supply all files for use on PCs with file suffixes after the file name. (e.g. your_artwork.jpg OR artwork2.eps)

We advise that all web materials for online or digital presentation should be created and sent over as RGB (Red Green Blue) format with web-safe colours, as this is how technology displays colour. CMYK, on the other hand, is a print ready file for colour separation. If the CMYK version is uploaded to the web template, there may be some distortion of colour as it converts to RGB. Depending on which device you view the image you will also get distortion due to the pixel resolution of the monitor etc. - retinal displays or CRT monitors, for example, meaning that the colours can vary a lot or even just the contrast brightness settings on each laptop or monitor. Converting RGB to CMYK can also drastically change colour density and display, as this adds the (K) black plate which darkens the image.

Website/Mobile App Profile page details:
(The materials detailed in red are all compulsory, unless otherwise stated.)

1.  Large Banner Image:
The large banner image will be presented above your company’s small banner image, at the top of your profile page.

  • The large banner image must be 960px wide.

  • Height is variable, but we recommend approximately 360px for the large banner height.

  • Banner will be a link to your website (please supply the appropriate web address).


Animated Slideshow Banner: (Optional replacement for the Large Banner Image)
The large banner area can also include multiple images which function as an animated slideshow, with each image dissolving/fading into the next. It is possible to include independent links for each banner image. If you would like to include an animated slideshow banner in place of a static large banner image, please supply:

  • Multiple slideshow banner images. (Images should be in .jpeg format. Please advise of a specific order of display, if necessary)

  • Please note that these images must be 960px wide. (The slideshow banner height is flexible, although we recommend approximately 360px for the banner height)

  • All slideshow banner images must be the same size (equal height and width).

  • Each slideshow banner image will be a link. Please supply the website/online link details for each image. (You may include a different link for each image)

Required file formats:
Materials must be sent as .jpeg


2.  Small Banner Image: (You may supply more than one small banner image, for example, to also be placed in area 7 of the example template layout)

  • The small banner image must be 960px wide.

  • Height is variable, but we recommend approximately 200px for the small banner height.

  • Banner will be a link to your website (please supply the appropriate web address).

Required file formats:
Materials must be sent as a .jpeg


3.  Company Logo:

Please provide a high resolution copy of your company logo in .jpeg format. Your company logo will be used on the guide website, the mobile device-friendly app and within the guide brochure. The image must adhere to the following specifications:

  • 300 dpi.

  • Minimum logo requirement - must be at least 500px wide by at least 250px high.


4. Text area:

2,000 words maximum to be supplied in a word document. You may want to include some or all of the following: 

  • A summary of your company’s core business activities.

  • Any literature that you wish to include in your profile (including PDF's).

  • Licensed images that you would like to be included in your company profile.

  • Any corporate guidelines (for logo placement etc.) that must be adhered to.


5.    Your Company Details:

Please supply the contact details that you would like to be used on the profile for your company. This should include:

  • Company name

  • Company location i.e. address

  • Telephone & Facsimile numbers

  • Email address

  • Web site address (please supply the appropriate web address)

  • A contact name for a personal touch


6.    Video: (optional but recommended)

If you wish to add a video to your online profile page and your organisation or company has a suitable video on a YouTube/Vimeo Channel, we are happy to host the video via your company's YouTube/Vimeo Channel.

Alternatively, please send the video to us in the following format: we will then host the video online, via our YouTube/Vimeo Channel. 

  • You should supply the video as a Windows Media Player video file (.wmv) or MP4.

  • Maximum length should be no more than 4 minutes.

  • Video codec: Windows Media Video 9, 512 Kbps displayed at: 320 x 240 pixels

  • Audio codec: Windows Media Audio 9, 64 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo (A/V) 1-pass CBR

  • Frame rate: 25 frames per second.

(Please note: If you require IMA to host your video via our YouTube Channel, please be aware that your company video will be categorised as an ‘Unlisted’ video. This means that it will be accessible only via the link from your company profile. Your video will not be accessible via the YouTube search option.)


7.    Images: (optional but recommended)

  • Please supply a number of images. (Please note: there is no limit to the number of images you may include, within reason)

  • Absolute maximum width per image is 960px (there is no maximum height)

  • Please supply images in .jpg format.


Brochure details:
We also require A Brochure Advertisement:

As a strategic partner, you are allocated advertisement space in the Doing Business Guide Brochure which is produced in a portrait hard-copy A5 brochure format and widely distributed. The brochure will also be available as a PDF which is downloadable from the guide website homepage. The mobile device-friendly app, which will be available to download from Google play and the iTunes store, will also appear in the same format as the brochure.

Please supply the advertisement artwork in the following portrait layout format:

EITHER: An advert with a white border:

  • Advert size: W: 138mm x H: 200mm

  • No bleed

  • No crop marks

  • CMYK at 300 dpi

  • All fonts are to be embedded.

  • Supplied as a high resolution PDF or JPG

  • Digital files should be supplied by email

OR: An advert with full bleed, no border: 


  • Full 3mm bleed

  • Crop marks

  • CMYK at 300 dpi

  • All fonts are to be embedded.

  • Supplied as a high resolution PDF or JPG



A5 Page Dimensions                             Height             Width              Bleed            Margins

Full Page Trim Size:                                210mm            148mm             +3mm            10mm

Final document size (full bleed):              213mm            151mm


Technical Specifications Diagram


Any other background graphics / images that are required to 'bleed' off the page edge, please allow at least 3mm, to ensure they do not get trimmed or lost in the spine when the final booklet is manufactured...effectively a 10mm margin on the page all the way around, making the final document: H: 213mm x W: 151mm.

To view an example of an advertisement that is currently being used, please go to: www.doingbusinessguide.resources/example-advertisements


To optimise your company profile, you may also include 2 additional text pages within the Brochure (optional but recommended):

As a minimum compulsory requirement for the Guide brochure we request an A5 single-page advert. However, if you would like to maximise your company exposure and take full advantage of this opportunity, there is an additional option to include an extra two pages within the Guide brochure. For example, this content could be another two A5 single-page adverts, a company profile or even a double-page advertorial. Please note that if you do wish to include the extra two pages of brochure content, we require both pages to be provided in a high-resolution, print-ready format, which is detailed below:

(PLEASE NOTE: The 2 optional pages MUST be supplied in the same format as the Company brochure advert (i.e. print-ready, high resolution PDF or JPG). If you would like to include your company advertorial as a double-page spread, we require each half of the double-page to be sent as an individual A5 page please, each adhering to the specifications listed for the individual main company advertisement, as the Brochure is NOT perfect bound.)

These pages may represent any of the following:

  • Advertorial pages

  • An industry overview

  • Company profile

  • Company case study

  • X2 additional individual advertisements

 If you have any questions regarding any of the above then please contact the following email address:


To download the Technical Specification Document PDF, please click here



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